Senior Scripts



Senior Scripts offers the most concise range of services in the Midwest

Pharmaceutical Services

  • “Bubble-pack” medications for nursing homes

  • Medications delivered daily to the facility, Monday through Friday

  • Pharmacist on call 24-7

  • Expanded emergency medication kit

  • Policy and procedure manuals provided

  • Pharmaceutical reference materials provided, as requested

  • Medication and treatment carts placed in facilities for storing and dispensing medications

Consulting Services and Nursing Support

Monthly Chart Review

  • Inappropriate medications

  • Inappropriate dosage for geriatric population

  • Drug interactions

  • Adverse drug reactions

Medication Room Inspection

  • Appropriate storage of medications

  • Verification of expiration dates on bulk items and PRN’s

  • Confirmation of MAR documentation

Nursing Support

  • Medication Administration Support

  • Client Liaison

  • General Nursing Support

Participation in Facility QA Meetings

Inservicing as Required or Requested

Medical Records

  • We provide physician order sheets, medication administration records, and treatment records that are tailored to your specific needs.

  • Additionally, you can receive important monthly summaries of drug classes and various other medical record categories.